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Alsberg Personnel



Eben Alsberg

Eben Alsberg, Ph.D.

Professor in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery

Director of the ASCENT Lab


Postdoctoral Researchers

Oju Jeon

Oju Jeon, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor

Current Research: Hydrogel-based bioink development for 3D printing of tissues and organs

Cong Truc Huynh, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

Current Research: Hygrogels for therapeutics controlled delivery, control of cell gene expression via RNAi, and tissue engineering

Rui Tang, Ph.D.

Current Research: Interactions of stem cells and engineered microenvironments for effective tissue regeneration

Yu Bin Lee, Ph.D.

Current Research: Regulating cellular functions for regenerative medicine based on biomimetic approaches

Sang Jin Lee, Ph.D.

Current Research: Development of high cell density incorporating biodegradable microparticle systems for cartilage and bone tissue regeneration

Aixiang Ding, Ph.D.

Current Research: Controlled presentation of biomolecular signaling cues in hydrogels for bone tissue engineering


Graduate Students

Daniel Alt

Daniel Alt

Current Research: Controlled angiogenic growth factor presentation  for microvascular tissue engineering

Felicia He, M.S.

Current Research: High cell density systems for the development of a functional vascularized trachea

Kaelyn Gasvoda

Current Research: RNA spatial patterning in 3D constructs using bioprinting technologies to provide a new and innovation to control spatial representation in 3D constructs

Derrick Wells, M.S.

Current Research: Manufacture of high cell density constructs using 3D printing and scaffold free methods.

Sriramya Ayyagari


Undergraduate Students

Steven Jeong

Current Research: Constructing cell-laden bioinks for 3D printing tissues and organs

Andrew Kew

Current Research: Spacially controlled hydrogel delivery systems for tissue engineering regeneration

Kentaro Umemori

Current Research: Co-culture systems for vascular tissue engineering



Postdoctoral Researchers

Samuel Herberg, Ph.D.

Jung-Youn Shin, Ph.D.

Honghyun Park, Ph.D.

Minh Khanh Nguyen, Ph.D.

Jose Alvarez-Barreto, Ph.D.

Loran Solorio, Ph.D.

Charles Drinnan, Ph.D.

Sung In Jeong , Ph.D.

Melissa Krebs, Ph.D.

Sean Zuckerman, Ph.D.


Christina Cheng, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Graduate Students

Alexandra McMillan, Ph.D.

Anna Dikina, Ph.D.

Phuong Dang, Ph.D.

Melissa Krebs, Ph.D.

Loran Solorio, Ph.D.

Julia Samorezov, Ph.D.

Ane Gerate, Ph.D.

Sharon Santoso, MD

Daniel Varghai, M.S.

Andrew Fu, M.S.

Alex Gilewski, M.S.

Mike Hill, M.S.

Zijie Zheng, M.S.

Undergraduate Students

Ivy Petsinger, B.S.

Peilin Ge, B.S.

Melanie Chetverikova, B.S.

Yuxuan Cheng, B.S.

David Grosh, B.S.

Mantas Naris, B.S.

Meng Cao, B.S.

Nicholas Kwon, B.S.

Arielle Soffer, B.S.

Mitchell Hopkins, B.S.

Gautam Adavi, B.S.

Robyn Marks, B.S.

Lucy Tan, B.S.

Neha Dwivedi, B.S.

Emma Headley, B.S.

Angela Kaczowka, B.S.

Bradley Lai, B.S.

Christopher Mosher, B.S.

Lauren Phillips, B.S.

Dan Schapira, B.S.

David Wolfson, B.S.

Rod Lembvem, B.S.

Misty Ahmed, B.S.

Caitlin Bowerman, B.S.

Eric Chen, B.S.

Monica Clark, B.S.

Chirag Dhami, B.S.

Roberto Hernandez-Irizarry, B.S.

Kevin Li, B.S.

Marjon Mobasseri, B.S.

Colin Morlock, B.S.

Caitlin Powell, B.S.

Erin Salter, B.S.

Kathleen Sutter, B.S.

REU Students

David Cuifo, B.S., University of Rochester

Jake Hemberger. B.S., Iowa State University

Ian Kinstlinger, B.S., Washington University

Stephen Linderman, B.S., Cornell University

Rachel Manthe, B.S., University of Akron

Michiel Pot, B.S., University of Twente, Netherlands

Joseph "B.J." Wesley, B.S., University of Mississippi

Roger Zou, B.S., Duke University