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Recent Announcements & News

Case-Coulter Translational Research Partnership awards $1.1 million for promising university-based biomedical engineering technologies (November 15, 2017)

The Case-Coulter Translational Research Partnership, which helps to commercialize projects by clinicians and biomedical engineering faculty that improve human health and well-being, has awarded more than $1.1 million in financial backing and other support for the 2017 round of funding.

NueroRadVision wins Health-Tech Competition (April 27, 2017)
NeuroRadVision, a Case-Coulter Project, won first place in the collegiate division at the Medical Capital Innovation Competition in downtown Cleveland this week. Their proposal involved software that uses artificial intelligence and image analysis to allow doctors to easily tell the difference between cancerous and benign brain tumors. Prize: $6,000.

Medical Technology: Ohio's bio boom (April 5, 2017)
Featured on the front page of Nature, "Medical technology: Ohio's bio boom," The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation has teamed up with Case Western Reserve University — the leading patent-producing university in the state. 

The Sweet 16 Of Medtech Madness (March 21, 2017)
What do basketball and biomedical engineering have in common? They are both areas where universities compete. Most of you are well aware that we are in the midst of March Madness — the tournament determining the men’s and women’s NCAA Division I basketball champions. But, what you may not realize is that, just over a decade ago, nearly 100 universities with biomedical engineering programs were in competition to become translational research partners with the Coulter Foundation.

TRP 2017 Proposal Cycle Announced (January 6, 2017)
The 2017 Request for Applications (RFA) is now open. The Request for Applications is provided here. This is the 1st year of the third phase of Translational Research Partnership (TRP) between Case Western Reserve and the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation. The mission is to support collaborative translational research projects that address unmet or poorly met clinical needs. The TRP seeks to improve patient care and accelerate the delivery of healthcare technology from academia to the marketplace. An overarching goal of the program is to foster research and development work likely leading to commercially relevant translational technologies within a 3-5 year horizon.

ICBM Medical, a CCTRP Technology Based Startup Launched (December 12, 2016)
Case Western Reserve University and ICBM Medical Inc. signed a one-year option-to-license agreement to commercially advance a low-cost, rapid catalytic biomarker technology that improves patient screening and monitoring for a range of clinical conditions, from concussion to prostate cancer. Read full press release here.

XaTek, a CCTRP Technology Based Startup Launched (December 5, 2016)
Case Western Reserve University researchers have developed a portable sensor that can assess the clotting ability of a person’s blood 95 times faster than current methods—using only a single drop of blood. XaTek, a new Cleveland-based company, licensed the technology for the device—called ClotChip—with a goal of bringing it to market within the next three years. Read full press release here.

TRP 2016 Awards Announced (November 15, 2016)
The Case-Coulter Translational Research Partnership has announced more than $1 million in funding and support for the 2016 cycle. Four projects were selected for full program funding. Projects range from diagnostic and screening technologies to cancer therapeutics. Six pilot grants also were awarded for earlier-stage projects. Read full press release here.

CWRU Receives $500,000 State Grant for Technology Start-up Fund (November 10, 2016)
The Ohio Third Frontier Commission has awarded Case Western Reserve University a $500,000 grant for a campus-based translational research fund to help faculty researchers advance and commercialize their innovations. Read full press release here.

Hemex Health, a CCTRP Technology Startup Receives Prestigious Award (November 3, 2016)
A CCTRP team has won national recognition for a portable malaria detection device with the potential to transform diagnosis and treatment of the disease in developing countries. The team is one of four recipients of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent for Humanity Award in the category of medicine, and will be honored later this month at a White House ceremony. Earlier this year, this and another CCTRP technology were the basis of a new startup company, Hemex Health. Read full press release here.

Case Coulter Translational Research Partnership, University Hospitals offer new collaborative pilot award (October 11, 2016)
The Case Coulter Translational Research Partnership and University Hospitals are offering a collaborative pilot award opportunity to promote the development of new translational research projects between problem owners (clinicians) and solution providers (engineers). The target areas for funding are in the infectious disease domain. Read full press release here.

CCTRP Project Partners with Halyard Health (September 22, 2016)
What if eliminating physical pain was a matter of flipping a switch to block it? No drug needed. When it’s time to stop the block, just turn it off. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University hope to eventually treat chronic or acute pain by using energy-based neuromodulation technology. Read full press release here.