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CCIPD Researchers awarded Patent for New Vessel Tortuosity Radiomics

Dr. Anant Madabhushi (F. Alex Nason II Professor of Biomedical Engineering), Nate Braman (graduate student, BME), Mehdi Alilou (Senior Research Associate, BME), and two former CCIPD research associates Drs Mirabela Rusu and Dr. Mahdi Orooji and Drs Robert Gilkeson and Philip Linden (University Hospitals) have been awarded US Patent 10,064,594 entitled "Characterizing disease and treatment response with quantitative vessel tortuosity radiomics".

The technology describes methods, apparatus, and other embodiments associated with classifying a region of tissue using quantified vessel tortuosity. One example apparatus includes an image acquisition logic that acquires an image of a region of tissue demonstrating cancerous pathology, a delineation logic that distinguishes nodule tissue within the image from the background of the image, a perinodular zone logic that defines a perinodular zone based on the nodule, a feature extraction logic that extracts a set of features from the image including a set of tortuosity features, a probability logic that computes a probability that the nodule is benign, and a classification logic that classifies the nodule tissue based, at least in part, on the set of features or the probability. A prognosis or treatment plan may be provided based on the classification of the image.