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BME Graduate Students Win Top Prizes at the Cleveland Medical Hackathon Event

The 4th Annual Cleveland Medical Hackathon delivered an innovative jolt to the healthcare industry. Students from the department of biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University took the top 3 awards, each with a cash prize.

Students, developers, designers, investors, engineers, researchers, and community members gathered at the HIMSS Innovation Center at the Global Center for Health Innovation October 20 - 21 for a high-energy, all-night, problem-solving session to imagine and develop Health IT solutions that directly respond to a variety of specific healthcare challenges. The Hackathon is organized by Cleveland Clinic, Metro Health, University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University, BioEnterprise, HIMSS, and FlashStarts, with support from Presenting Sponsor, Ashland University MBA Programs.

Congratulations to graduate students and team for winning first prize at the Cleveland Medical Hackathon event. Amogh Hiremath (PhD student, Anant Madabhushi's lab), Sukanya Raj lyer (MS student, Pallavi Tiwari's lab), Tahseen Minhaz (PhD student, David Wilson's lab), Gabriel Labbad (Gynaecologist, MetroHealth), and Joe O'Donnell pitched an idea of 'Early Warning System for Postpartum Depression' using speech and sentiment analysis. The present state of assessing postpartum depression (PPD) is that the physicians do a standard questionnaire 3-4 weeks after the delivery and it is done only once. The team presented a quantitative method way of measuring the PPD risk score by combining the socio-economic factors, patient's response during conversation with the physician and vitals to predict PPD risk and alert physicians.

The second place prize was awarded to Chaitanya Kolluru (PhD student, David Wilson's lab), Binit Panda (MS student, Soumyajit Mandal's lab in EECS), Peter Dietz (OnShift Inc.) and Vadivelan Palaniswamy (Siemens Healthineers) for developing an app for on-demand home healthcare.

Notably, the third prize was won by a team entirely of Case Western Reserve students; Kihwan Kim (PhD student, Xin Yu's lab), and undergraduates Alex Neyman, Steven Dirjayanto, Silas Ifeanyi), by developing a wearable ECG monitoring solution for diabetic patients going through hypoglycemia during sleep.



Left to right: Amogh Hiremath, Gabriel Labbad, Tahseen Minhaz, Sukanya Raj lyer, and Joe O'Donnell