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Frequently Asked Questions



Will co-op extend my graduation date?

Yes, co-op will most likey extend your graduation date by one semester for your first co-op and by one year for a second co-op. 

Can I participate in May commencement if I am graduating in December?

Yes, but you must meet with your dean in Undergraduate Studies for permission ahead of time. 

Tuition and Financial Aid

Do I pay tuition while on co-op?

No, but but you are required to pay an administrative fee of $300 for your first co-op and $150 for additioonal co-ops. 

Does the income I earn on co-op count against my family income for financial aid?


Will I lose my financial aid and merit scholarship while I am on co-op?

No, but you must notify the financial aid office the semester before you co-op to defer your aid during your co-op. 


Who is eligible to Co-Op?

Juniors and seniors with a 2.5 GPA or higher and who are in good academic standing and graduate students with a 2.7 GPA or higher and in good academic standing.  

What if I don't meet the co-op requirements. Can I still participate?

You can request an appeal by scheduling a meeting with the co-op director. 

International Students

Do international students need to fill out additional co-op paperwork?

Yes, you must meet with the co-op director prior to your co-op to fill out a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) form. You must also participate in a CPT workshop hosted by International Student Services. 

Credit and Full Time Student Status

Do I get course credit for co-op?

No, co-op is a zero credit course but does maintain your full time student status. Proper course registration in SIS is required. 

Can I take classes while I am on co-op?

No. The co-op staff does not recommend taking calsses so you can focus on your co-op. You can request an appeal by contacting the director of the co-op program in advance. 

What are my options for health coverage while on co-op?

If you are on a family health plan you can remain on that plan or you can opt in to CWRU Student Health and Counseling Services for a fee. A form will be given to you to fill out during your co-op orientation. 

Can I work on campus while on co-op?

No. Only students registered for 6 credit hours or more can work on campus. 

Can I live on campus during my co-op?


Can I cancel campus housing while on co-op?

Yes, you just need to notify campus housing in advance.