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Co-op Student Responsibilities

Accept co-op assignment

  1. Inform the co-op staff when you have accepted your co-op.
  2. Register your co-op for each semester on SIS and pay the administrative fee: $300 for the first seven-month co-op, and $150 for the second seven-month co-op.
  3. Contact Financial Aid and the Housing Office to confirm your co-op – If you leave campus housing for your co-op, contact the Housing Office to cancel both your housing and meal plan agreements. (If relocation is necessary, employers provide a range of assistance to help with your needs.)
  4. Medical insurance and Health Services – Most students are able to remain on their parents’ health insurance while on assignment. If needed, a letter can be sent to your provider that will confirm your full-time student status with the University during your co-op work term. If your co-op is local, you also have the option of purchasing medical insurance coverage through University Health Services. You are able to use the services of University Health Services and Counseling Services during your co-op.

During your co-op

  1. Complete the Co-op Information section on CWRULink.
  2. Request a meeting with your supervisor to review your co-op learning goals.
  3. Submit your mid-way report – You’ll create a mid-way report on your co-op experience to be reviewed by the co-op staff, faculty, department chair, and your employer. (This report must be approved by your supervisor prior to submission.)
  4. Meet with your workplace supervisor – Your employer will complete a mid-way performance evaluation to review your progress, goals, and areas of improvement.
  5. If you have any questions or concerns during your co-op – Contact the co-op staff.

At the end of your co-op

  1. Look for communications from the Co-op Office – The co-op staff will forward you information to prepare for your return to campus.
  2. Meet with your workplace supervisor – Your employer will complete a final performance evaluation to review your co-op experience.
  3. Submit your final report on CWRULink – You’ll create a final report on your co-op experience which you’ll present to the co-op staff to evaluate your experience.
  4. Complete your self-evaluation and program evaluation on CWRULink.
  5. Reapply for financial aid – Because financial aid is not awarded during co-ops, you’ll need to reapply for aid prior to the semester that you’ll require it.
  6. Scholarships and financial aid are reinstated when you register for classes.