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SDLE Research Associate Laura Bruckman delivers seminar presentation at DMSE 2014 Spring Colloquium.

On January 24th, 2014, Laura Bruckman delivered a seminar presentation, at the DMSE 2014 Spring Colloquium, entitled "Lifetime and Degradation Science: Acrylic Statistical Mechanistic Pathway Diagram Development", which covered statistical analytics, using a data science approach, defining the new field of lifetime and degradation science (L&DS), providing mechanistic insights into real-world degradation of materials, components and systems.

A description of her work can be found below and her presentation can be viewed here.

I use PMMA Acrylic, and its degradation mechanisms and pathway networks as a case study. For solar mirrors, CPV lenses and acrylic solar window films, statistically significant relationships were investigated between different stress, performance and mechanistically based variables to develop a statistical pathway diagram for the degradation of acrylic using domain knowledge semi-supervised, generalized structural equation modeling (semi-gSEM). Statistical mechanistic pathway diagrams and networks were developed that give insights into the contribution of each degradation mechanism under particular stress conditions to overall lifetime performance.

In sheet extruded acrylic, Tinuvin type UV stabilizer bleaching is a critical high-ranked degradation mechanism and were investigated with the L&DS and the semi-gSEMapproaches. This works shows that the Tinuvin type UV stabilizer reduces the fundamental absorption edge, photodarkening degradation by 4 times and the yellowing by 3.5 times compared to unstabilized acrylic. Fundamental absorption edge degradation and yellowing are two key degradation modes that decrease the useful life of acrylic.