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SDLE Group Photo - June 2014
     Roger H. French
     Director, SDLE Center
Roger H. French is the Director of the SDLE Center. He is the F. Alex Nason Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Case School of Engineering, with secondary appointments in Macromolecular Science and Physics. Dr. French is a member of the U. S. Department of Energy, Basic Energy Science Advisory Committee. Before coming to CWRU, Dr. French was in Central Research and Development at the DuPont Co. in Wilmington, Delaware since 1985 and was Adjunct Professor of Materials Science at the University of Pennsylvania since 1996. He received his B.S. from Cornell University and his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Materials Science. Using vacuum ultraviolet and optical spectroscopies, spectroscopic ellipsometry, and computational optics, his research is in optical properties, electronic structure, and radiation durability of optical materials, polymers, ceramics, and liquids. 
     Chris Littman
     Business Development Director &
     Operations Manager
     Kim Bambakidis
     Optical Engineer
Research Faculty
     Laura Bruckman
     Research Assistant Professor


     Timothy Peshek
      Research Assistant Professor
Post-Doctoral Research Associates
     Yifan (Ethan) Xu
Graduate Students
     Daniel Dryden
     Abdulkerim Gok
     Mohammad Hossain
     Yang Hu
     Ian Kidd

     Heather Lemire
     Yingfang Ma
     Nick Wheeler
     Justin Fada








Undergraduate Students

     Diana Acosta






     Olga Eliseeva
     Kelly Peterson
     Katherine Krawiec