Congratulations to Steve Kurtz, Ph.D. for being elected into The Hip Society!  March, 2015








The 61st Annual ORS Meeting, 2015

Dr. Rimnac presented as part of a Professional Advancement Series Workshop entitled: "Rising to the Top: Leadership Success in Academics".  Dr. Rimnac, the Associate Dean of Research for the Case School of Engineering, presented on "Making an Impact in the Dean's Office". 

Shown in the photo (from left to right):  Robin Queen, Ph.D., Clare Rimnac, Ph.D. Kristy Weber, M.D., Barbara Boyan, Ph.D., Susan Chubinskaya, Ph.D., and Karen King, Ph.D.

Abstracts presented included:

­­­­Jonathan B. Matheny, BS, Marysol Luna, Clare M. Rimnac, PhD, Christopher J. Hernandez, PhD.  Fatigue Failure in Cancellous Bone is Primarily Due to Propagation of Microdamage from Pre-existing Microdamage Sites. Trans 61st Annual ORS, 40:103, 2015

Ashley M. Torres, BS, Matthew G. Goff, MS, Clare M. Rimnac, PhD, Christopher J. Hernandez, PhD. Initiation and Propagation of Microdamage in Cancellous Bone Occurs Preferentially Distant from Resorption Cavities. Trans 61st Annual ORS, 40:606, 2015

Sevi B. Kocagoz, B.S., Richard Underwood, Daniel MacDonald, MS, Jeremy L. Gilbert, Clare M. Rimnac, PhD, Steven M. Kurtz, PhD. Metal Release in Ceramic and CoCr Heads at the Modular Junction: a Matched Cohort Retrieval Study. Trans 61st Annual ORS, 40:887, 2015

Daniel W. MacDonald, MS, Galen Clarkin-Wright, Javad Parvizi, Gwo-Chin Lee, Gregg R. Klein, MD, Matthew Kraay, MS, MD, Clare M. Rimnac, PhD. Titanium Alloy Sleeves Do Not Prevent Fretting Corrosion in Modular THA. Trans 61st Annual ORS, 40:896, 2015

Krista Parran, MS, Venkat Narayan, PhD, Clare M. Rimnac, PhD. Peak Stress Dictates Fatigue Crack Growth in a Hindered Phenol Antioxidant UHMWPE. Trans 61st Annual ORS, 40:945, 2015

Josa A. Hanzlik, MS, Judd Day, PhD, Gregg R. Klein, MD, Harlan M. Levine, MD, Mark A. Hartzband, MD, Javad Parvizi, MD. What Implant Factors Affect Bone Ingrowth in Retrieved Porous Tantalum Hip Implants?. Trans 61st Annual ORS, 40:977, 2015

Judd Day, PhD, Daniel MacDonald, MS, Joseph Abboud, Gerald R. Williams, MD, Clare M. Rimnac, PhD, Matthew Kraay, MD. Mechanically Assisted Crevice Corrosion Damage in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty is Comparable to Total Hip Arthroplasty. Trans 61st Annual ORS, 40:994, 2015

Genymphas Higgs, Ryan Siskey, Jeremy L. Gilbert, William Michael Mihalko, MD PhD, Clare M. Rimnac, PhD, Steven M. Kurtz, PhD. What Effect Does the Strength of the Taper Connection Have on Taper Damage in Retrieved Total Hip Devices?. Trans 61st Annual ORS, 40:1741, 2015

Christina M. Arnholt, Sevi B. Kocagoz, B.S., Daniel MacDonald, MS, Jeremy L. Gilbert, PhD, Arthur Malkani, MD, Gregg R. Klein, MD, Clare M. Rimnac, PhD. Corrosion and Damage Mechanisms in Retrieved Long-Term TKA Femoral Components. Trans 61st Annual ORS, 40:1749, 2015

Genymphas B. Higgs, Daniel W. MacDonald, MS, Antonia F. Chen, MD, MBA, Gregg R. Klein, MD, Brian R. Hamlin, MD, MBA, Gwo-Chin Lee, MD,Clare M. Rimnac, PhD. Does Taper Size Have an Effect on Taper Damage in Retrieved Total Hip Devices?. Trans 61st Annual ORS, 40:2019, 2015