Vote now for your favorite CWRU student team's Ohio Clean Energy Challenge investor pitch!

2013 Ohio Clean Energy ChallengeFour Case Western Reserve University student teams are in the semi-finals of the 2013 Ohio Clean Energy Challenge and you can help them win the Viewers Choice Award by voting now for your favorite team's investor video pitch.

The challenge is a student clean energy business plan competition, and all semifinalist teams have created a short investor video pitch. The video that receives the highest number of votes will receive a $1,500 prize as part of the Viewers Choice Award.

The winner will be announced at the awards reception of the Ohio Competition on Jan. 29, where the teams will present their live pitch in front of a panel of judges and a live audience for a chance to win the $10,000 grand prize and advance to the Midwest Regional Competition.

Voting for the viewers choice is open now through Friday, Jan. 25. Viewers must fan the UCEAO on Facebook to vote, and each viewer can vote only once. Watch the pitches and vote now!

The Case Western Reserve teams include students from the engineering and management schools and the College of Arts and Sciences. They are working on the following projects along with a CWRU alumni mentor:

EcoSpinners is designing an integrated and programmable electric bike with a proprietary fuel cell range extender. The bike’s power pack is a hybrid of advanced lithium-ion polymer battery and liquid-fueled fuel cell. The critical part of the bike design is a low-cost fuel cell, running on non-polluting and recyclable liquid fuel that allows an increase in range without increasing the cost of the power pack.

FlyDrive, a flywheel regenerative braking system, offers a viable technology that will save money while providing performance that is commensurate with, or better than, current battery systems, as flywheels can be cycled more than 10 times faster than batteries and 2 times faster than super-capacitors. FlyDrive is meant for use in in hybrid and electric vehicles.

NanoHarv Technologies’ micro algae harvesting/dewatering technology provides an environmentally friendly solution that is capable of turning algae blooms into biofuel feedstock. NanoHarv’s unique solution is the result of combining micro algae harvesting nanoparticles with magnetic bar separators.

Smartility LLC designs, markets, and sells technology that gathers energy consumption data from electrical outlets, transmits the data to the consumer’s account on Smartility’s website, and generates customized energy reports for the consumer. Smartility products allow for home energy management, in addition to providing reports and analytics, which allow users to gain an understanding of their consumption and how to sharply cut expenses.

For more information, visit the Ohio competition website.